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    Calculation wrong

    Anton Scharton

      Hei there,


      i have a Problem with a Calculation:


      I have two different countries: Russia and India (see Workbook)


      the difference between Plan and Target should be displayed with a Calculation (Calculation: %)


      The values for Russia (-0,01639) and India (-0,003040) are correct. However, I added a Parameter with a new Value ("All countries"). For "All countries",

      Tableau is just adding the difference from Russia and India


      Tableau says: - 0,01943  (= -0,01639 + -0,003040)

      However the right calculation should be: ((305[Target Russia]+329[Target India]) - (310[Plan Russia] + 330 [Plan India]))/(305+329) = -0,00946.
      Can anyone help?
      Best regards
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          Ankit Bansal



          You need to aggregate first in your formula


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            Naveen B

            Hi Anton ,


            % Calculation what you have written execute at row level consider an example


            Country     Plan     Actual     %

            A               20          40          0.12

            A               56          5123      1.3

            B               45          67          0.95



            as Per your calculation what will happen it will add all the % Row wise which is 0.12+1.3+0.95 because you are not aggregating the


            in order achieve your output you need to aggregate the data at dimension level so change the calculation as like below



            So it will group the values using sum first and then add the %


            Country               Plan               Target               %

            India                    330                    329               (305-329)//305=-0.0304

            Russia                310                    305               (305-310)/305=-1.6393

            All                        640                    634               634-640/634=-0.9464


            Hope this helps kindly mark this answer as correct or helpful so that it will help others




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