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    Extract must need to work in Tableau

    siva Nageswara Rao

      Can any one please let me know, Is there any data source that supports only Extract to work in Tableau? I had a confusion between HANA and Salseforce reg. this? Please help out me on this.

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          kumar bharat

          Hi Siva,

          Extract is a compressed format of data provided by tableau for better  performance when huge volumes of data are there.

          extracts are better than live connections.Every database will have a live connection in place so according tome there is no DB which supports or needs only tableau data extract.



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            Sankarmagesh Rajan

            hi Rao,


            Yes many data sources will support live and extract.


            Sales force and hana also support live or extract. but sometime you will get error like below.

            Errors during extract

            When you connect to Salesforce using Tableau, the data is automatically extracted into a Tableau Data Extract file. In some cases, certain fields cannot be extracted because of character limits. Specifically, text fields that are greater than 4096 characters and calculated fields will not be included in the extract. If you have calculated fields in your data, you will need to recreate them in Tableau after creating the extract.

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              chris monger

              Hi Siva,


              I believe HANA can work as both a live and an extract.


              Salesforce only works as an extract, from what I understand this may be performance and data structure related.