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    Include and Exclude Value using filters: to be applied on one worksheet simultaneously

    Anuj Srivastava

      Hi Tableauites,



      I am working on a tableau application where the requirement is to include and exclude values based on filter selections on a single worksheet. So to explain more here is the scenario


      - The Given (Three dimensions & Sales)

         :Product, Category and Subcategory and Sales


      - The Ask

      : The end user wants to includes the products with the sales greater than 100 and exclude the categories which sales less than 50. And the conditions have to be driven by dropdowns. So there is one set of dropdown which includes 'Product' 'Greater than equal to sign' and Box for entering the sales  -  This is for selecting the inclusions

      similarly for exclusion -'Category' 'Greater than equal to sign' and Box for entering the sales


      - Inclusions mean: that data should only inlcude the product with sales greater than 100

      - Exclusions mean: that data should include everything except where the sales by category is less than 50


      - The problem

      : I am not sure how will both will work together as we are trying to inlcude and exclude data from the same view simulatneously based on conditions.


      Please help me as to how should this be implemented be it on tableau or data.


      Typically for such scenarios we take the inlcusions and exclusions from external portal and then throw in the results but this solution has to be implemented on Tableau only.


      Thanks in Advance,