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    Tableau Server Port for request to MS SQL Server

    Nguyen Xuan Long

      Hi all,


      Can someone help me? I'm not good on computer networks. I have a question about: which port will be opened when a request from the Tableau Server is sent to MS SQL Server to get data for live connection?


      Thanks so much.

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          Jeff Strauss

          Are you talking on the Tableau side or the SQL Server side?  By default, SQL Server uses port 1433, but this can be custom configured by the DBA so there's a chance that it will be something different.  On the Tableau side, the process tabprotosrv is used to communicate to the database, and I think it's port 8972; if you want to be sure, on your Tableau Server, you can run a netstat -abon > c:\ports_in_use.txt and then open up the txt file and look for the specific port usage.  What is the reason for your question?