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    Vary size of circle according to number

    Geraldine Vaughan

      (Tableau 2018.1.3 on Windows 10)


      Hello forum, i'm trying to display the viz below differently. I'd like to have circles conditionally sized according to number. eg for 'Reference to existing guidelines' I'd like the Multicountry to have the smallest circle (=1) and the UMIC to have the largest circle (=9). For the life of me cannot work out how to do this. Any ideas? thanks Geri





      Attribute of careLICLMICUMICHICMulticountry
      Reported timing of diagnosis 05451
      Reference to existing guidelines25961
      Discussed risk assessment2111381
      Reference to risk score1101061
      Surgery and PBMV access discussed23521
      Reference to risks discussed with women13111
      Reference to multi-disciplinary care 2101181
      Reference to other disciplines 12110
      Access to RHS discussed26741
      Post discharge follow-up discussed02641