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    Dynamic Filter across worksheets

    Alexis Jensen



      I have multiple worksheets showing information about different aspects of our organisation.  In the primary graph worksheet, if Level 2 is filtered to (ALL) I need the row shelf field to be level  2 on all other work sheets.  This will mean that the information is broken down by Level 2.  If a specific level 2 value is filtered, I need the value broken down by level 3.  I have created a calculated which I hoped would do the trick.




      BU Filter is set up as:


      BU Filter.JPG



      Why does this not work or is there a better way to filter a field or calculated field based on the filtered value of another?  In other words If X = All then show Field A, else show field B.


      I appreciate your feedback.  I have not included a workbook due to the sensitivity of the data.