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    Dynamic Quick Filter values swapping

    Ashok Ramineni



      Below is my data set:


      I have values in quick filter for Name as Car, Bike & All. But i wanted to show only Car, Bike & (All)(provided by Tableau).

      When Name=Car is selected or Name=Bike, i get proper results.


      But My req is..When Name=(All) is selected then i should display the values available in the table.


      Is there any work around for dynamic swapping.




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          Jim Dehner


          I'm a bit confused about the goal - your data dimension Name has 3 values - All - Car - Bike    and it sounds like when you want to see Bike you select Bike, like wise when you want to see Car you select Car and when you want the values associated with the dimension value All you  do not want to see a summation of bike and car but you want to see the values in the table related to ALL -


          That sound like you want to use a parameter based on name and tie it to a filter




          returns this



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