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    Data Science for Girl Scouts STEM Expo

    Brad Hontz

      Hi All,


      I'm a Tableau qualified associate living in Orange County California.  For the past 3 years I have volunteered to help develop STEM programming for the Girl Scouts of Orange County.  I'm currently a co-chair of the GSOC's annual STEM Expo, and this year I'm planning to have Cal State Fullerton business analytics students host a "Data Science" table activity at this year's STEM Expo.  Our annual Expo reaches over 400 4th - 8th grade curious Girl Scouts!


      In terms of an activity, I was planning on displaying a poster of the image below, and having the girls visiting the both answer a half-dozen questions like "Name 3 foods that nutritionists and Americans appear to agree on in terms of "healthiness",  "What does the dotted line within the graph represent?", "What do foods that appear ABOVE the line represent?", etc.   If you have any other ideas for a STEM Expo table activity for introducing data science to 4th to 8th graders let me know!  The more hands on the better, and keep in mind we'll only have girls out a table for 10-15 minutes at a shot.


      Reason I'm reaching out today - I'm hoping to give out the small "Data Rockstart" (etc) type pins that Tableau gives out at their conferences.  Does anyone have a contact at Tableau that I could approach for a donation of these pins for this event?


      Thanks in advance!

      Brad Hontz


      GSOC STEM Expo Committee Co-Chair