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    Understanding Extract Refresh Failure

    Joseph Wibowo



      I have a data source made up of 1 SQL query and 1 CSV file.


      I created the data source locally, published the workbook (included external files), and woke up the next day to find out my extract failed with an "unknown failure".

      I have come to understand that Tableau server tries to refresh the CSV file but it is pointing to a filepath that is local to my machine rather than local to the server hence throwing an error. Including the external file does not point Tableau to this file copy.


      It seems that the only workaround is to upload the file to a shared network drive Tableau server can access and point Tableau to this file.


      Is there seriously no other workaround? I thought Google sheets would work but lo and behold, trying to refresh using SQL query + Google Sheets extract throws the same Unknown Failure.


      Anyone else have any advice?