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    Tableau Online

    Verlin Taylor

      I will be using Tableau Online as a Creator, I have the following questions:


      1.  Is there documentation that specifies the file format for the data sources?

      2.  If there are multiple datasources, is there a way to automatically upload files like ETL services?

      3.  How many different companies can I have access my online portal?

      4.  How much data can be stored on Tableau Online?



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          Sankarmagesh Rajan

          Hi Verlin,


          we can publish workbook to tableau online.

          it will not automatically upload any data sources. You can manually add new data source.


          When we say creator then you need to buy the tableau desktop and create the dashboards and publish to online.

          Refer pricing and online details

          Tableau Pricing for Teams & Organizations


          Tableau Online supports live connections to:

          • Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift data, or SQL-based data hosted on a cloud platform; for example, Amazon RDS, Microsoft SQL Azure, or similar service.For direct connections to cloud data, you usually need to add Tableau Online to your data provider’s authorized list.
          • On-premises relational data, such as SQL Server or Oracle, when you use Tableau Bridge to maintain the connection.

          Get Your Data to Tableau Online