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    Measure is not available in the Sort drop down

    Kelly McGrady




      So I have measure with an IF statement that involves ATTR  and I was wondering if this would preclude the measure from being used in the sort drop down options.

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          That does appear to be the case.

          I made a workbook with an ATTR measure that did not

          show up as a Sort Option.


          However when I changed it to a Max, that version did appear.


          Depending on the nature of  your calculation, you may be able

          to switch it to some other type of aggregation that will work.


          Would you be able to post just the text of your calculated field in question?



          If switching it out of ATTR is not an option, there are alternative ways of

          sorting, depending on your graph. Namely putting a discrete copy

          of your calculated field on the row/column shelf before the dimension that

          needs to be sorted.


          Please see workbook v10.3 attached in the Forum thread.