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    Pie Chart with Multiple Boolean Dimensions

    Jared Hislop

      I have a workbook that has 4 Dimensions that are T/F:







      I am trying to get a Pie Chart that shows, of the total lines, how many are true for the specific categories above. Lines will have "True" for one, multiple or all categories. So a single line can increment each category in the pie chart. Also, there are lines that are false for all of the above categories that should be included in the overall pie chart as a "none" category.


      I am I am having a difficult time due to the boolean and Tableau wanting to only include the lines that are "True" across all categories. I am adding a filter for "True" but again, that make it so the line has to be true for each category to be included in the numbers, which drastically decreases the numbers.


      I thought I had it close, but when querying SQL directly I get completely different numbers.


      Apologies about the empty workbook. I can't share the book I am actually using, and since it is connected directly to Redshift, I couldn't easily anonymize the data. So I took a sample of the data and packaged it up.