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    SharePoint Lists error is deleting my sheets and dashboards

    Allan Miranda

      Hello Everyone

      Recently I started working with SharePoint lists in Tableau and, until now, an error appears every time I try to access the data source tab. First, the login screen appears as it should



      So, after I write my password (I made sure that I wrote it properly several times, and after a small wait the following messages appear



      What it says is that the fields I have added as rows/columns/ filters don't exists and they will be eliminated, leaving all my sheets blank. Afterwards it shows me the data sources tab with the exact same List that I am using, with all the data and columns that it says it didn't find. I can even drag and drop them into the empty sheets and they work. I tried searching for a similar case here but I couldn't find one.


      Can somebody please help me finding a solution to this problem?


      Thanks in advance