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    Adding one catagories values to all other catagories existing values.

    Philip O'Flynn

      I've got a data set which describes a number of controls that are being recertified for a number of different business lines within a company. I created a bar chart that shows whether a control is in the "Pending", "Submitted" or "Recertified" and then I split that by what particular business line they are in however, the TBL business line is a control that must be applied to all business lines so instead of it being understood as a separate business line I need it to be added to each and every business line.


      So for this example CM has a Pending value of 792 (shown in blue). I need to add the TBL Pending value (2477) onto that to make it 3262. This needs to be done all along the business line columns and repeated for the Submitted and Recertified bars.


      Does anyone have an idea how to do this? I attached the workbook below