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    Histogram with a curve graph Examples

    Donovan Thomas



      I want to see who has done an Histogram graph with a Curve if so I would like to see some different types of examples or anything please...??



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          Don Wise

          Hi Donavan,

          If I'm interpreting your question correctly, below is an example.  It bins Response Time into 20 second increments with a histogram, then a running sum percentage identifying how much data falls within the time buckets.  Essentially a Pareto chart.  The Tooltip identifies at that point in the curve that 91% of the data falls within 6:40 (mm:ss).  Hope that helps your research.  Thx, Don


          Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 9.31.29 AM.png

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            Donovan Thomas

            mhmm do you have an file on this???

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              Don Wise

              Hi Donavan,

              The prior snapshot involved public safety data and so not shareable.  However, I mocked it up in the Tableau provided sample examples (Regional workbook) for global temperatures.  I selected Median from Measures then right-click to create a Bin, using the suggested bin size.  That creates a new Dimension.  Drag that pill [Median] (bin) onto Columns.  Then drag Median from Measures onto Rows, set it to be a Count of Median. 


              Drag another instance of Median from Measures onto Rows placing it next to the first one, then added an initial Table Calculation of Running Sum, then a secondary calculation of Percent of Total.  Then right-click that pill and selected Dual-Axis.  Then selected "Show mark labels" from the Analysis drop-down.  Workbook example is attached (2018.1 versioning) and new screenshot below.  If this answers your question, please mark this response as correct so that others may find it useful in the future.  Thx!  Don

              Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 10.54.01 AM.png

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                Donovan Thomas

                Hey Don,


                Thank you for your help, but I am unable to open your example workbook because newer version of Tableau. I am still using Tableau 10.1 can you please send me that workbook again but only this time in Tableau 10.1 form please.

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                  Don Wise

                  Hi Donovan,


                  The lowest that Tableau can go is 10.2 for exporting as a prior version. 


                  You could also use the prior posted screenshot in this thread as a starting point for placement of pills (dimensions and measures).  It should point you in the right direction.


                  Thx, Don

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                    Ankit Patel

                    Hi Donovan,


                    I normally keep 2 versions of Tableau Desktop's installed on my PC - one version is "Corporate" version - i.e. lets say 10.5.x which is same for Tableau Server 10.5.x that you have in your Corporate environment.

                    Another version installed on my PC is the latest one from Tableau i.e. 2018.2


                    The trick here is having Default File Open to correct version is to follow series of install steps - the latest install will take over as Default version of Tableau Desktop which in turn will open any saved Tableau files on the PC (.twb, .twbx, .tds. .hyper, .tde, etc)


                    1. if you already have a version installed i.e. 10.5 - then download and Install the latest 2018.2 version (do not remove the 10.5 version)

                    2. now that you have the latest version 2018.2 - download and install your existing version 10.5.x (no need to remove the old one - the new 10.5.x will overwrite the old 10.5.x and make it Default Program to open for above mentioned files)


                    Now you can download any workbook from Tableau Public or Forum and open it the latest version 2018.2 manually without any issues.


                    Best Part: You do NOT need seperate Desktop License Key's - 1 key (existing) will be used to in both versions of Tableau Desktop installed on the PC - only prompt will be confrim your Name, Email, and Org when you first run(open) the new/latest Desktop version.