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    Unit Conversion for specific metrics


      Hi ,


      Please refer to the attached workbook.


      In the sheet I am trying to swap measures based on the parameter. When I toggle to parameter measures 2 & 3 the values in my data set should show up in millions and billions respectively.


      So for this I am appending M or B in the text that works on the same swap principle. Now the problem is I want it to work only on the first column and not the 2nd column. Please advise how I can apply the millions or billins conversion to only one of the columns. Tried appending the dimensions in the calculation Sales - New but did not work


      If ATTR([Product Name]) = '3-ring staple pack'

      AND ATTR(Segment) = 'Corporate'

      THEN STR(ROUND([Sales]/1000000) + 'M'



      Also please refer to the text field for the M and B values that are appened to the measure and advise.