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    Sheet selector based on filter value

    Nick Allain

      I'm trying to set up my dashboard such that one of the worksheets I'm displaying shifts depending on what the selected value of a filter I have on the dashboard is. So, for example, my filter can either be selected on value A, B, or C, and I would like to display a different sheet for each of these selected values


      My reason for doing this is because my worksheets are all displaying the same charts, but each with a different color legend applied. Ideally, I'd simply be applying a different color legend to the same chart on a single worksheet, but that the legend would adjust its center value based on the value of the filter. This doesn't seem possible based on my searching for solutions


      So, to recap, I would like my sheets to display based on the value of my filter, as below:


      Filter Value     ---------------->     Sheet Displayed

         Value A         ---------------->           Sheet 1

         Value B         ---------------->           Sheet 2

         Value C         ---------------->           Sheet 3