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    Specific Date Help

    Kimberly Lacher

      I have 2 different tables that each have a date and time column tblproduction and tbladjustments.  Production date on tblproduction is everyday there is production and Adj Date is for every time there is an adjustment to the production.  I have made calculated fields to find production values and adjustment values.  In the picture i attached it shows that for one production date it includes every adjustment date. I want tableau to just have the date that is the same for both, and when there is an adjustment date, return null. How can i go about this?

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          Would be grateful for clarification on which dates are needed.

          As the two date fields are coming from different tables,

          are you joining them together, or blending?

          If you are joining, would it work for your join dialog

          to directly connect [tblproduction] from the first file to [tbladjustments] from the second,

          so the that resultant set will only have those rows where the two dates match?


          If you need all the rows of tbladjustments even when there isn't a match,

          you could try a calculated field of:

          IF [tblproduction] = [tbladjustments] THEN [prodvalue]+[adjusmentvalue]  // or whatever value you need

          ELSE 0 END