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    Leave out past year weeks that have not yet happened this year?

    Daniel Segura

      Hello folks!


      I would like to know how to create a calculated field that can exclude weeks from last year that have not yet happened in 2018. In other words, today, it's 7/25/2018 -so we're on Wk 30. I want to exclude every week on 2017 beyond Wk 30 and this has to be dynamic of course so, next week, Wk 30 would be included in the viz.


      Here's a picture, green and gray are respectively 2018 and 2017:




      Basically leave out everything on the red rectangle.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Just to let you know, I have Tableau Server and it has certain limitations so, Parameters, Sets and other 'advanced features' are a no-no for me!



      The data that I'm working with is confidential. For this reason, I'm unable to upload the workbook.


      Thank you so much in advance!