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    combining two date fields on 1 line graph

    Aaron Duncan

      Hey Everyone,


      I have a question here, that i came across while trying two show a few different measures on the same trend graph. . As it is company data, workbook cannot be shared, however i think this is simple to explain.


      I have 2 Amazon Redshift tables, that i have joined from the data source. Both which has a measure (or 2) that i need to show on a single trend graph. Table 1 uses ISSUE_DATE as the date field and contains 2 measures that i need to show. Table 2 uses REDEMPTION_CREATED as the date field and contains 1 measure that i need to show on the same graph. .


      Is there a way that i can somehow link these two date fields and show all 3 measures (2 using ISSUE_DATE, 1 using REDEMPTION_CREATED) on the same trend graph? And then use 1 filter to change the scope of the trend graph? So my end goal here is tie ISSUE_DATE & REDEMPTION_DATE as one, and use "NEW_DATE" to filter both so that each measure appears for the corresponding dates.


      Please let me know if i need further explanation.