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    Why do values dissappear from my dashboard views when publishing to Tableau Server?

    Orlando Suarez

      I having some problems when I publish my workbook to Tableau Server.


      In the view below you will see that I randomly lose values from the bar/car shapes when publishing to Tableau Server.


      What is crazy is it's only happening on the blue or top side of the view. The bottom or yellow side shows all the values perfectly.


      These views (both blue and yellow) are made with the same settings in terms of font size, size of shape, size of bar...etc. They are basically carbon copies of each other with the exception of color. Yet when I publish to Tableau Server all of the sudden values randomly disappear from the blue side. Any ideas please? I am not able to attach my workbook because of protected info. So I can only supply description and screen grabs like this:

      Values missing.png