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    REST Data Connector not working in Tableau Desktop

    Andreea Botorogea



      I have downloaded the following REST data connector : GitHub - niranjan94/rest-data-connector: A REST API Data Connector for Tableau with Swagger 2.0 and OpenApi 3.0 support

      It seems to work in the Tableau Simulator for a public REST web service, but it retrieves me an error in Tableau Desktop (2018.1.2), right after adding the URL :


      "An error occurred while communicating with the data source.


      The web data connector has reported an unrecoverable error and cannot proceed. If the connector has reported details of the error, they are displayed in the pane below.

      SyntaxError: Unexpected token 'const'   file: http://localhost:8080/app.js   line: 9172"


      I haven't changed anything in the exiting connector. And I have installed the requirements specified. I have executed: yarn run dev

      I have also changed the port to 8081, then I have deployed it on another machine (Ubuntu 16). Nothing seem to work on Tableau Desktop, but it always works in the simulator.


      Maybe someone with some js experience would figure out what am I doing wrong.

      My intention is to be able to read REST ws for analytics.