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    Linking one scroll bar to two worksheets in Tableau Dashboard (Pagination)


      I followed DOUG REYFF's idea on Linking multiple scroll bars on same dashboard and it works well to have two worksheets side by side in a dashboard using a dropdown box to cycle through the pages of records (thus keeping them side by side). However, I am running into an issue. I need to add a Dimension to the 'Marks' area. In the example for Doug's worksheet say I want to add the customer name to the 'Color Mark'. Adding the dimension to the marks section completely ruins the pagination functionality and instead of records 1-30 showing, all records show. I wonder if this has something to do with the level of detail. I have attached Doug's worksheet.

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello NJ


          So when customer name is added to the marks shelf, this field is now considered as part of the table calculation.  To fix the calculation, right click on Pagination and select Edit Table Calculation and modify the calculation to utilize Specific Dimensions and make sure both Dimensions (Order ID and Customer Name) are selected.  You will then need to fix the filter to show only "True" again.   This needs to be done on both views.


          Be mindful that a Dimension such as Category or Department will result in the sales amounts being split up into 3 values (one for each Dimension) and the count will be impacted accordingly.   If this is an issue, then you will want to consider either table calculations for your measures (window_sum(sum(profit)) and (window_sum(sum(sales))  or LOD calcs which may be easier to manage since these too will need to be maintained and any change to the view will impact a table calculation.  In general - I try to stay with LOD calcs when possible and use Table Calcs sparingly. 


          See the issue in green below - this is caused because there are two names associated with Order ID 229 in the data.  I have updated the pagination filter to respect the addition of "Customer Name" though as you can see in the next picture. 



          I hope that helps