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    Find Calculation based Columns from Attached data

    Vijay Babar



      As per attached, I have columns from B to G.

      I want to derive columns H, I and J which are calculations given at the top of Header. You can find the formula mentioned above header.


      I have also given the Expected Result that i am looking for which is a summary level for %Tickts and Extra Spend columns (Coloured in Red)


      The challenge in this is that i have to calculate Columns H(Avg fare),I(Diff in fare) and J(Exra Spend) based on Bookings columns i.e.Offline and Online.

      eg : if Offline value is 5846 and Online value is 5750 it should calculate based on Travel Route individually. In my case the values are 96,1000,etc.


      I tried using Table Calculation but not able to Summarize the data as we can't Aggregate the field that has Table Calculation.


      Can someone let me know the solution for the same.