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    Extract the data within a workbook - Does the workbook pre-calculate the expressions and store the values?


      I have created an extract instead of using a Live connection to the database. I have created few calculated fields in the Tableau workbook. My question is - does the tableau calculate all the calculated fields and store the values in advance when the extract is created or does it find the value by calculating it on the fly when the dashboard or worksheet is getting loaded? I am expecting the Tableau workbook to pre-calculate the expressions and store the values whenever the extract is refreshed so that a worksheet or dashboard which is referring to the calculated fields would load faster than it would with the Live connection. If it does not calculate the values in advance (whenever the extract is refreshed/recreated), is there a way to force the tableu to do it? Could someone please help me understand how the extract works? Appreciate your guidance!


      I found the similar question posted before but am still not clear How to optimise field calculations and workbook performance?