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    fixed calculation and then "sum-if"

    Alex Martino

      Hello. I have orders #'s and categories.

      For example, I might have (per row)


      #1   Polo

      #1   Polo

      #2. Hoodie

      #2  Polo


      How can I count the instances where an order has more than 1 category?


      And then in the same note, I would like to sum/average the (total) quantity of these orders that have multiple categories. Thanks.

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          Ken Flerlage

          You can use an LOD to get the number of categories for each order. We'll call the field "Category Count"


          {FIXED [ID] : COUNTD([Category])}


          Then a calculated field like this will tell you if there are more than one.


          IF [Category Count] > 1 THEN






          Then you can simply SUM or AVG this calculated field to get the total you're looking for.

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