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    Using Scaffolding with Stored Procedure to produce Occupancy Heat Map?

    Tricia O'Keeffe

      Hi, hoping someone can help me.....


      Using Tableau Desktop V10.4 I am connecting to a Stored Procedure, which provides data relating to when a hospital patient is Admitted, and when the patient is Discharged.


      I need to produce a Heat Map that shows bed occupancy, for each hour of every day, in the same way described here.


      I have researched and found I can achieve this by using either 'Initial SQL' or 'Scaffolding', via this article


      I have learnt that I cannot use 'Initial SQL' with a Stored Procedure.


      I am trying to understand if I can use the 'Scaffolding' method with a Stored Procedure.


      Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.