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    Sales average by transaction

    Alex Martino

      Hello I have attached a dummy date set.


      The data has rows by order #.


      If there is just one style/category, then the order # will have just one row (and the quantity can be 1+)


      If there are multiple styles, the the order # can have multiple rows.


      I'm trying to create these metrics below:


      How can I count the number of orders that have orders from multiple categories? For example in this case, I have "polo" or "hoodies". I want to see how many orders include both.


      Then I want to filter by orders that have different STYLE purchase, and then be able to calculate the number (how many) of these types of orders as well as the average quantity purchase.


      Another question is how can I filter the orders that have multiple categories and see the breakdown of categories of those orders. For example, if it's polo/hoodies and there were 4.3 average sales per order, what % of that 4.3 are from the polo category.