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    Fiscal Calendar Issue

    Silvio Martinez

      Quick and probably a solution solution to my problem.  The company's fiscal year starts in April and end in March which means that we are currently in FY18 Fiscal Year (Q2'18).  I have already adjusted Fiscal Year Start (Default Properties > Fiscal Year Start) to reflect April but I am seeing the current year as FY 2019 when it should be FY 2018.  I am sure that there is any easy solution to this but I can't seem to find it. 


      I will also need to doing calculations for growth Current Periods to Prior Year's Period and also variance to plans.


      Attached is sample.  Any helps would be greatly appreciated.





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          Ken Flerlage

          Fiscal years are typically numbered based on the calendar year in which the FY ends. Thus a fiscal year that ends March, 2019 would be FY19. That is why Tableau is doing it this way. So you may need to create a calculated field to get your actual fiscal year. Unfortunately, this is not a simple as subtracting 1 because calculated fields showing YEAR([Date]) will actually calculate based on the actual date value, rather than the fiscal year (all very confusing). So, I'd suggest that you create a calculated field like the following:



          DATEPART('year', DATEADD('month',-3,[Date]))


          This should give you the Fiscal Year you're looking for.


          See attached workbook.

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            Silvio Martinez

            Thanks Ken.  Greatly appreciate the insight.  Just wandering how this would work with variance and growth calculations?  Would there be a need to do a similar calculation for Quarter and Months?

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              Ken Flerlage

              Yeah, I think you'd probably need to do separate calculations for Quarter and Month for you to be able to make this work properly. Try these:


              Fiscal Month

              IF MONTH([Date])-3 <=0 THEN






              Fiscal Quarter

              IF MONTH([Date]) >=4 AND MONTH([Date])<=6 THEN


              ELSEIF MONTH([Date]) >=7 AND MONTH([Date])<=9 THEN


              ELSEIF MONTH([Date]) >=10 AND MONTH([Date])<=12 THEN





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