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    Counting consecutive 'not-receptive' calls across dates

    Mariah Pettapiece-Phillips

      I have a dataset in which each variable is linked to a 'Log ID' number variable. Each Log ID is associated with a new phone call to a physician. Each phone call/Log ID also has a disposition variable, which tells me whether the call was 'receptive' or 'not-receptive'.


      I'm trying to determine which phone calls have been repeatedly 'not-receptive'. So far, I have counted calls that have been not-receptive multiple times (more than once) and have used the provider group name as a dimension in rows, to demonstrate which providers have had multiple not-receptive calls. I'd like to now see which of these multiple not-receptive providers have been consecutively and ONLY not receptive.


      For example, a call/log ID to Provider X on Jan 1 2018 was not-receptive, then another call/log ID to same Provider X on March 1 2018 was receptive, and then finally a third call/log ID to Provider X on May 1 was again not-receptive. According to my first calculation, Provider X would be included. However, I'd like to further analyze which providers have had consecutive not-receptive across dates, and which providers have only ever had calls that were not-receptive.