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    Mid month to month dat parameter

    Ryan Pesso

      Hi Tableau community!


      I am trying to build a parameter for a dashboard with the reporting period starting on the 15th of a month and ending on the 14th of the following month. So instead of showing data from month to month, I want to have a filter called 'mid-month to month' that shows data broken out monthly but from the 15th of a month the 14th of the following month. For example, let's say my client is Company A, there reporting period for last month would be from 6/15/18-7/14/18. I currently can either view the data on a month by month level (January, February, march etc,) or use the date range filter to show only the data in the selected time to view trends. We have some visualizations and it would be nice to compare each reporting period to each other for trends, which the only way to do that would be with a parameter.


      I know how to get a parameter to where you can select either month, year, quarter etc, but I've found this to be really tricky because it encompasses a time frame tableau does not recognize,


      Is there a way to do this?


      Thanks in advance!