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    Top 10 Filter in Flow

    John Liou

      Hi Community.


      I am trying to create a top 10 filter in Tableau Prep (not sure if it is possible) because I have thousands (literally) of products under a category and I just want to see the sales $ for the top 10 products.  For example instead of extracting the sales for all products classified under Meat , which could be 1000's of products in the world of supermarket, and then sending this to Tableau Desktop to then create the Top10 list - does anyone know of a way to create the Top10 list within Prep?  I know in Alteryx there is a Rank functionality and then followed by a filter where I can select just the Rank = 1 to 10.  If only I had Alteryx again in my new organisation/role.



      Does anyone have a work around in Prep?