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    If Statement structure

    jon rios

      here is an IF Statement, it currently erroring " END is needed", but when i make changes, it continues to error with different messages, is there a better way to structure this?  would a CASE avoid these errors?  thanks for any assistance


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          Naveen B

          Hi Jon


          you are using aggregation every if statement overall you can do like below but  i doubt you need another way showing this information because first if statement validate all the data so 3rd if statement wont get executed . Could you please attach sample excel and how you want the output so that it will be easy to help



          (If [segment value active]="Open" or

          [segment_label12]="12 to <24"

          or [segment_label12]="24 to <36" then



          [segment value active]="Open" or

          [segment_label12]="36 to<60"

          or [segment_label12]="60+" then


          elseif segment_value_active = "Open"









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            Deepak Rai

            Why You Need to Put SUM  Before Each If?

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              meenu choudhary

              Hi Jon,


              your attachment doesn't give the entire calculation. But what i can suggest by looking into whatever is there is :


              sum(if [segment value active]="open" and ([segmentLabel12]="12 to <24" OR [segmentLabel12]="36 to <60  ....and all the filters for segmentLabel12") then [ThreeSeg_PromoNetAmountSum] else 0 end) 




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                jon rios

                hi Meenu, all the calculations are there, 3 separate IF statements...


                but it doesnt matter, your solution was the key... separate the denominator.... that gives me the correct answer! thanks