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    Combining String Data

    Brian Sullivan

      To preface, this may be a little difficult to explain because I cannot share the workbook do to sensitive data.


      Tableau pulls a list of Sites from the data source that should include all sites, sectors, etc in the company.  On my dashboards, selecting a site is what populates the dashboard with data.  I have a parameter created, Sub-Franchise, that I use to filter which sites are under which Sub-Franchise.


      The data source also has a field, Franchise, but these are not included on the Site list.  Basically, I need to add these franchises to the Site field so they are able to populate data.


      The way my Sites are set up are by Site cases, so  "When 'Site1' then 'Franchise1'".  I have tried to create Franchise cases, but because Franchise and Sub-Franchise are essentially identical, it just populates a list of sites and not the Franchise.


      Please let me know if any clarification is required.

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          James McCoy

          I am not fully certain I understand the dilemma. On the surface, one idea I had was to recommend that you list your franchise subset in a Google Sheet and add it in as a separate data source to the dashboard. Without seeing a sample of your setup this is very difficult.


          Could you possibly create a dummy data source that has just 5-10 rows so we can see your dashboard layout?

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            Brian Sullivan

            Hi James - To make it simpler, I have 2 dimensions, Site and Franchise.  I need to add the Franchises into the Site list so they all sites and franchises are listed together in the same dimension.

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              Bryce Larsen

              Unfortunately it sounds like you want to essentially create data that doesn't exist. It seems like you may need to Union your data and added a flag so you know which is which (Site v Franchise).



              SELECT 'Site' as Source,

                   Site as DimensionFilter,



              FROM table


              SELECT 'Franchise' as Source,

                   Franchise as DimensionFilter,



              FROM table


              Of course you'd then have to take into account potential double counting.