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    Ta DA!!

    Joe Oppelt

      I'm looking for creative ideas to make Tableau create a sound (like, "Ta-DA!!") when some condition occurs.


      It's easy to do it with an action, but I want it to happen programmatically.


      One example:  Hooked to live and continuously updated data.  When a total sum is finally hit, then, "YAY!!!"


      If I were doing it with an action, I could make a youtube or some other link run in a web object on the dashboard.  But that requires a user click of some sort.


      I can easily pop out pictures (and I already do) when something happens.  But if I pop out a web object, I can't set it first before popping it out (as far as I can tell.)  So it would already be active on the dashboard, even if out of sight until the condition occurs.


      Looking for ideas.  Even Crazy ideas.  Complicated?  That's OK.  I'm willing to give anything a try.