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    Compare two date fields and use one or the other field

    Tiffany Keutelian

      I have a data set where I want to compare two different columns. If the rehire date = 6/30/1999 then use Orig hire date if not use rehire date



      EmplidEmpl RcdNAMEOrig Hire DateRehire DtCalculation I wantResults
      100000Doe,Jane6/30/19866/30/1999If rehire date = 6/30/1999 then use Orig Hire Date else use rehire date6/30/1986
      100010Smith,John6/1/19846/30/1999 6/1/1984
      100180Brown, Soffia7/1/19876/30/1999 7/1/1987
      100230Johnson,Carly7/5/201512/15/2018 12/15/2018


      Any help would be great. Thanks.