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    Filter with Dimensions

    Martin Lira

      I've been trying to apply a filter using the year in this workbook to get the % difference compared with the last year. I managed to do a table calculation that allows me to filter it without affecting the table calculation that gives me the % difference but I can't figure out how to "link" the dimension "year"  to this actual calculation.


      I already have tried with the calculation" LOOKUP(ATTR([Year]),0)"  which helped me but as I mentioned before I can not manage to make it work when I filter by year. When I filter by year the table calculations disappear.


      I need to keep the filter by year because of other worksheets that use it. I would like to only keep one year filter which affects all the worksheets.


      Is there any way to do this calculation?



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          I'm not sure if this will work for your true setup,

          but one method you could try is joining your dataset to itself.

          For the join fields, you could set copy 1 to be a calculated field of

          YEAR([Start Date])-1 and the other to be just YEAR([Start Date (Copy2)])

          This way each line of your dataset will have the previous year's value.

          Please see join screenshot below.


          This process creates duplications, so the actual current year run totals are:

          { FIXED [Start Date (Years)]:SUM(

          { FIXED [Start Date]:MIN( [Runs] ) } ) }


          and for the previous year:

          { FIXED [Start Date PrevYear (Years)]:SUM(

          { FIXED [Start Date (PrevYear)]:MIN([Runs (PrevYear) ] ) } ) }


          So the percent change will always be present despite any filtering of the year

          (copy 1 version):

          ([RunsPerYear]-[RunsPerPreviousYear]) / [RunsPerPreviousYear]


          Please see workbook v10.3 attached in the Forum Thread.



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            Martin Lira

            This is what I was looking for!! thank you!!