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    Nominal Difference in % Share n Periods Ago

    Eoghan Lyons

      Hi all,


      Bit of an unusual one here. I'm looking to see if there is a way to calculate the nominal difference in % share of a total compared to N periods ago.


      Example as per the attached workbook. Lets say the "Relative" tab. In this example Brand A makes up 16% of the total in Q1 17 and 30% in Q1 18. These calculations are done on the basis of a single point in time.


      Is there however, a way of calculating the nominal difference in overall share in different periods, for arguments sake let's say we want to see what the difference was between n and n-4 periods ago.



      Q1 18: 30%

      Q1 17: 16%


      30%-16% = 14% nominal share gained.


      Many thanks,