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    Calculation to show % difference between two different measures

    Ryan Emond

      Hey All!


      I am trying to find a way to calculate the % difference between two different measures agnostic of time. I don't have the ability to share a workbook.




      I have different measures that compose a lead funnel. I have them organized by row so they appear like this:


      New Leads - 98Lead contacts - 55

      Lead handoffs - 30

      Lead Shows - 15

      Lead successes - 5


      Each of the above is an individual measure pill and I'm displaying them via Measure Names and Measure Values.


      What I'm wondering is this - Is there a way to show the % of previous without having to manually calculate out each measure?

      To clarify - What I want to do is to be able to show what percent one measure is of the measure above it, such that:


      New leads - 98
      Lead contacts - 55 (% Lead contacts is of New leads)






      And so on in that fashion. So far I have been manually calculating fields for each measure, but I'm wondering if there is a quicker / more efficient way of doing this.


      Thank you!

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          There may be a way to simplify, but it may depend on the nature of your calculations to get each step.


          Instead of calculating the count for step, could you instead make one Dimension Calculation to the effect of:

          IF such_and_such_criterion_is_met THEN "New Lead"

          ELSEIF such_and_such_criterion_is_met THEN "Lead Contact"




          Then put that on the Row shelf and SUM(Number of Records) on the Column shelf.

          Then you can right-click on SUM(Number of Records) and add a quick table calc

          percent difference from previous.


          Please see workbook v10.3 attached in the Forum Thread.