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    Count Distinct in Secondary Data Source - "cannot blend secondary data source because one or more fields use an unsupported aggregation"

    ofir keren



      I'm trying to blend 2 data sources. The primary one is called Dim_Service_Status (ISOC Generic Data Model)

      and the secondary is called Agg_ActualVsExpected+ (ISOC Generic Data Model)


      I'm using Tableau 10.5.3.


      The primary data source consists of only 1 table (Dim_Service_Status) and in it for each Service_Id there are a few Service_Status_Color, which means a few rows for each Service_Id.

      For example, for Service_Id = 1 there are 8 Service_Status_Color (8 rows) red A, orange A, yellow A, blue A, green A, blue B, yellow B, orange B.


      The secondary data source consists of 1 Fact table (Agg_ActualVsExpected) and 4 Dim tables, one of the Dim tables is Dim_Service, whose primary key is Service_Id, which appears also in the Fact table.


      I'm blending the 2 data sources by Service_Id.


      In the secondary data source I have a calculated field called "new Actual Vs Expected", which has a several of IF statements - each IF statement has a COUNTD in its condition and an aggregated calculated field in its result - "ActualVsExpected Calculation".


      When I drag the field "Service Name" (secondary DS) into Rows and the above calculated field "new Actual Vs Expected" into Columns I receive the next error:

      cannot blend secondary datasource because one or more fields use an unsupported aggregation


      I tried a few workarounds but nothing has helped.


      Does anyone have a solution / workaround that would work in my case?


      Thanks in advance!