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    Tableau Server Initializing error: Installing the maintenance app failed

    Kushal Pardeshi

      Hello People,


      We are trying to install Tableau server 2018.2 Beta version on machine.


      We are using below setup for same:



      While completing 'Activate - Register - Setup - Initialize' steps on IE, we are facing below error at 'Initialize' step:


      "Initialization terminated at step 9 out of 34: Installing the maintenance app failed"


      We have tried below ways to complete the initialization, but in vain:


      • Re-entered information in previous setup step
      • Tried initializing server several times (like around 5-6 times)
      • Searched for related content on google but till now, I have not found any concrete information regarding same
      • Uninstalled and reinstalled Tableau Server
      • Tried running as User account and NT Authority\Network service
      • By specifically giving Gateway port


      And hence, we have not completed Tableau server setup yet on machine.


      Please help me with the appropriate guidelines.




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          Mark McGhee

          Hi Kushal,


          Folks on this thread may have an answer but one thing I wanted to bring to your attention is that the Beta program for 2018.2 officially ended last week.  Not sure if you were wanting to try out some of the newer features but the actual release should be within about a week from today (plus or minus a few days).   Once Tableau does a release, the latest version then also becomes the "trial" for customers who want to try out Tableau but may not be a customer just yet.  In a nutshell, I hate to see you spend a lot of additional time trying to troubleshoot the Beta when the actual release version is so close to being released.