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    Project level permissions not applied on search screen

    Suryaprathap Kambham

      We have a tableau portal where there are different sets of users with permissions ranging from Viewer to Interactor to Publisher.


      When i setup only view access on a certain project to the user (for example: USER_1), USER_1 is able to access only that project when he/she logs in to the portal. everything is good until that part.


      But when the USER_1 access the search option or the filet option on the right top corner of the screen


      If USER_1 types any project name in the text box above where it says "THIS ONE", irrespective of his permission level, he is able to see all the workbooks with a certain name even is he/she doesn'w have access to it.


      Only after clicking on the workbook in search result, we see the error message that "You do not have permission to access this workbook"


      Is there a way to limit the search outreach of a particular user too ?


      We want USER_1 to access and search only the projects and workbooks he has access to.


      Awaiting your Replys