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    Actuals vs Budget

    Jonald Bacay

      Hi Experts,


      I have this problems working on Actual vs Budget. I know it's simple, but I can't figure out how it works. Here's the deal:


      I have actual that is coming from our ERP. I have Budget, in Excel spreadsheet. I combined them using the ff fields (being Actual as primary table)

      Actual ProjID=BudgetProjID




      Let's say we know that my correct Actual is $100k, and my Budget is $90k.

      But when I plot the numbers, my budget only comes up as $80k. Because there are projects in the budget which are not in actual. Being actual as the primary table, it is not showing the projects in Budget spreadsheet that are not in Actual


      Similarly, when I switch the tables, making budget as primary table, there are instance where my actual is only $90k, because there are projects In Actual that are not in budget sheet.


      How can i address that?