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    Filtering "All values in database" not working

    Kelly Toweel

      Hi all,


      I'm having an issue filtering my data where the information for each filter is not being pulled from the whole database independently of other filters (i.e. the data on the sheet is data that matches ALL filters, not ANY of the filters). Regardless of whether I change any/all filters to context filters, whether I change any/all to "Only Relevant Values" or whether I change any/all to "All Values in Database", the data displayed stays exactly the same (i.e. customers matching ALL filters).


      My data source contains private information so I cannot attach it, so I'm hoping for help about the actual principles of Tableau surrounding what could be interfering with the filtering. For reference, I wish to filter for customers that paid with a debit card (as opposed to credit or direct debit) OR are under 45yo (as opposed to over 45yo) OR are unemployed (vs. employed). Not sure if it has to do with the different dimensions/measures being used to filter, if I should be using wildcard/condition filtering as opposed to general or WHAT, but I am so completely lost and will be forever grateful to anyone who can help!! It seems every discussion around the topic is on how to get filters to be dependent on one another, whereas I can't get them to be independent of one another!


      Thank you in advance!

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          Mahfooj Khan



          Have you applied this in your dashboard filters?

          By default your filter works for "Only this sheet". If you want that filter should apply for all the worksheet in the dashboard then you should select option "Selected Worksheets". And if you wants your filter should applicable to all the worksheets using the same data source then select "All Using this data source" and if you've multiple data sources in your workbook and you've common field that you've used as filter then "All using related data sources" option. Let us know if this help.


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            Sankarmagesh Rajan

            Hi Kelly,


            Only Relevant Values will work when you access main filter like here if you select category then subcategory will show relevant values.


            Check the database and then go to tableau and doit.

            IF you use all values in data base then all other filters always show all values pulled from db.




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              Kelly Toweel

              Hey Mahfooj,


              Thank you for your input! I only want these filters to apply to this specific worksheet so the default "Only This Worksheet" works fine thank you!

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                Kelly Toweel

                Hi Sankarmagesh,


                I don't think I totally understand what you're saying, so I've put a picture here to demonstrate. As you'll see, every time I add a new filter, the number of sales in the view decreases, when I would actually want it to increase. All have been set to "All values in context", as the date and Invalid/Approved context filters actually do need to restrict data, but past that I would want the filters to expand the number of customers coming up. So for example, I want ALL customers under 45yo (within the date and invalid/approved filter) to be represented here, not just those that are under 45yo AND have a debit card AND are unemployed.