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    Color By LOD Dimension?

    Matt Schutz

      After playing around with a response to a related post, I have another question about how to create the 100% stacked bar chart that I want.  The data is email logs.  I know how many emails were opened, and I know how many of those emails had a link clicked.  We want to get people to click on the links, so the "success rate" is (clicks / opens).  Simple enough.  I've used some LOD's and have created a calculation that is the "opens without a click".  Total Opens = Clicks + Opens without a Click.


      I'm having trouble, though, coloring by the was clicked/wasn't clicked in my bar chart.  For the "CC Expire" email in January, you'll see in the data that there were a total of 500 opens.  Of those 500, 90 opened emails had a link that was clicked.  Therefore, I want to show 410 in one color (on the left) and 90 in another color (on the right).  I'm having trouble wrapping my head around defining the "color by" dimension.  I think that's all I need help with.  I appreciate any help you can provide!  Thank you!


      100% Bar Chart:




      Email Data.png

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