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    Recent Tableau Online Maint

    Doug Spavlik

      Couple of quick questions.


      1.  What is the difference between Available and Informational with respect to Server status on the Tableau Trust - Current Status site.

      2.  We have been having intermittent refresh failures yesterday and today. Are there currently any issues as of 7:00 AM Est on 10AZ? 

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          Brandon Babbitt

          Doug -


          Available status refers to time where there are no informational updates, and there is no degradation of Tableau Online service.

          Informational status is used to provide updates on information that does not constitute a degradation of Tableau Online service, but may affect customers and may require customer action.  For example, the informational status listed on 7/24 for 10AY and 10AZ is not considered a degradation because Tableau Online is not experiencing issues - rather, the Tableau Online pods moved to a new host which requires action on the customer database end.


          In regards to your intermittent refresh failures, please make sure you've whitelisted the new IP addresses as listed in this community doc and if that does not resolve the issue, feel free to submit a Support Case for us to investigate further.


          Brandon Babbitt

          Senior Technical Lead

          Tableau Software

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