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    Huge no of records

    mendey Sai

      Hi Guys,


      I have a situation where i am using a table chart with 16 columns and with huge no of records 80 mil records.Can someone please help me to resolve the issue.

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          Naveen B

          Hi Mendey,


          May i know what is the purpose of showing 80 Mil records?


          if i am right it would be lot difficult to business user to take decisions by going to each and every row. what i follow generate the insights from the huge data


          Could you please explain more about your situation so that it will be easy to answer




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            Mavis Liu

            Hi Mendey,


            Is the issue that there is a high number of records? Is this the same number of records in the data source or are you saying that Tableau is reading the data wrong and is returning more rows than expected?


            Do you need all the rows of data or can you filter them out from the data source? Is it possible to aggregate it so that you have less number of rows?





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              mendey Sai



              All the records are mandatory to use.Yes one level of aggregation we have done in the backend.I need to show the table chart with these many records.