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    Can you tell me how to deduplicate ARR amount with sum distinct or fixed id with min/max?

    Andrew Slutzky

      Hello Community!



      1. Do you happen to know another way besides below on how to do a sum of ARR by unique oppty id?


      2. How can I get the attached workbook to return $2,517,950.90 instead of $3,234,757 for Distinct Amount AAR?



      {FIXED [ID] : MIN([Amount ARR])} and {FIXED [ID] : MAX([Amount ARR])}  return values but not the correct ones. Tableau is double counting amount.


      CountD works for deduplicating oppty id but not sure how to use that in combination with amount.


      As you can see below, the incorrect number of oppty records is 589. The correct number of unique oppty record ids is 549.

      The incorrect amount of Distinct Amount AAR is $3,234,757. The correct amount not shown is $2,517,950.90, which shows up in a SFDC report.



      how to do a simple SUM DISTINCT in tableau?


      All the best,

      Andrew Slutzky