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    Customizing "All" filter values

    Rebecca McIsaac

      Hi there,


      Is there a way to customize my filter so when I select "All" it doesn't simply show all of the data, but rather something I have told it to?


      I am trying to make a dashboard that shows divisional information, but when the ALL option is selected, I want it to show the company as a whole. The total company calculation is based on a weighted average, so summing everything doesn't add any value.


      So, I have a Dimension for "Division" and within it, it has x, y, z, divisions, can I make the "All" equal one of the "x,y, or z's"?


      Thank you!

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          Deepak Rai

          I think you need 2 Parameters and One calculate Field to Do that. First Parameter will have ALL and X, y,z and Second parameter will have only X, Y, Z


          and then Calculate Field Will have this  Logic


          Case Parameter1

          When All Then Parameter 2

          WHEN <> ALL THEN Your Dimension with X, Y, Z




          Giving you just logic. It is Not Syntax wise Correct Though, That you need to check