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    When applying a filter the dashboard misaligns

    Tina Crouse

      I just noticed that after I applied my filters the line up of my dashboards are great except for a few line up issues. I have the horizontal container and the first sheet is set to fit height. Second sheet set to fit height. Third is a graph and set to fit height. All line up great. I begin applying one filter at a time to see what the outcome of filtering does to the view. Everything great so far. Oops, get to WV and the view looks off with the graphing lines. It is because there are four metrics.


      Total Auth

      Overall % of Auth

      % Denied Amount

      % Referred Amount


      It just so happens there is a total amount in the data and Overall % of Amount in the data, but WV is null for % Denied Amount and % Referred Amount. See what I mean? Is there a way to get around this?


      I have attempted fit height, width, standard, and entire. I have tried zn around my null values.